Keep Your Advice, But Tell Me a Story

I’ve been thinking a lot about advice again…this time how it is deflected or digested depending on the relationship between the two parties partaking.

The accelerator world hears advice thrown around more than Paige Craig’s name at any given Silicon Beach mixer…though I’m certain 98% of the time, said advice can more so be defined as unwarranted at best.  Personally, I have felt less confident in asking the advice of others.  As the depth of this chess game expands, I find I’m more strategic in my approach to learning.  If I do look to others, it is most certainly from a small group of seasoned vetrans that, on their worst day, can still be described as omniscient.  Point being, advice is a null point in times of late.

On the flipside, I’d be lying if I said I did not have a small group of people approach me with challenging questions, inquiries, and painstakingly deep eyes in search for the be all end all.

Here’s what I know now…

Fair play if a trusted friend/workmate comes to you for words of wisdom, better yet, *highfives* all ’round.  Means you’ve got most of your shit together. But humour me for a minute as I pose a few questions:

…How seasoned are we in fact? …and should we be so quick to deliver one dimensional, freshly pulled out our arses ‘advice’ in 30 minutes or less ‘solving’ their problem and quickly pushing them out the door – smiling #jobdone? I think no.

Something I learnt this Friday past whilst enjoying my favourite afternoon sport, verbal ping pong, with one Jarl Mohn was, in fact – advice, is so yesterday.

Further to this, Jarl posed a new forum of sorts when people were in need of answers and told me a story that proved its’ worth.  #wouldn’tyouliketoknow…

That story is on lockdown, but here’s his equation:  Direct advice is forbidden.  Rather, tell a story, a relavent/relatable one, and how you dealt with X, Y and Zed.  Let that person digest it, and decide on the appropriate steps to move forward given your simple past experience offered.  #thxJarl

I ask you to consider…What’s more pleasing than hearing a colourful story from a trusted source, then holding yourself accountable to correlate and decipher your own solution to this tantalising web we weave?




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