I’m All Ears…-ish

Some old fart once said something about tangled webs woven…, strike that, indeed it was my FOB father’s way of translating a Walter Scott quote, and like many ‘sayings,’ nonsensically redistributed them into my unassuming adolescent ears.  Either way, you are catching my drifts. #seewhatididthere?  o.0

Back to spiders…

Tonight I feel inclined to speak about honesty.  I have come to find the Accelerator world to be one massive chess game…on crack.  Chess I’m well into…crack, not my cupp’a… alas, we play along.

I’ve found, in my lifetime, human nature to be naturally distrusting, though oddly, in the midst of such emotional turmoil, ups/downs, and, my personal favourite, a cacophony of demanding cries from both seasoned vetrans as well as fish-out-of-water freshman; truth is hotter than the soup de jour.

Daily flood gates of all the honesty flow through my ears riding an array of conduits: desperation, anger, even fits of rage, at times; but I stand on the @Amplify benchmark, mental NDA’s signed, and welcome the underlying layer of trust that comes with such heavy words.

Enter here, a ‘practice what I preach momen’ is afoot…

Truth be told, this is the first time I haven’t been extremely pleased with the direction of a blog spot, and feel like kicking myself in the head for getting to the point of no return; so I’ll make like Mike Skinner and push things forward.

Though I’m embarrassingly cognisant that I’ve spent the past two days faffing about with this blog only to state the obvious; I do realise, now, in true Tegan form, this was me digesting feelings of sorts in a series of unfortunate events.

I’ve recently needed to say some unpleasant truths to a number of people – family, friends, and co-workers alike.  And, though it may have felt worse than, let’s say,  blank conversation with someone you’ve dated that was 12-13 years younger – #i’veheard – it seems now to have worked out for the best-ish.

At the end of the day, I’ll continue to side with the ‘honest to goodness…’ taking my chances on where the cards may lie and stay oddly grateful that I’ve re-learnt simple truths whilst working in a palpable, precarious playing field.




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