Tilting at Windmills

For better or worse… in times of late, I’ve been after advice from my peers and mentors.

Now that my life has replaced… I dunno, good decision and prudent practice with the hovering grey cloud that is Murphy’s Law, I’ve found the imminent need to prepare myself with a spectrum of assessment and recommendations from my luckier/more seasoned associations.

Oddly, though the life experiences and generational gap between my peers and mentors is as high as my golf handicap, their words of wisdom stay consistent.

Which reminds me:  Dear Consistency, I miss you.  Moving on…

Yesterday I spent 9K hours at #LADemoDay / #StartupsUncensored spearheaded by the colourful Jason Nazar who always produces a well constructed event.  #jobdone.  And though I am certain end goals were reached, I am also, unfortunately, not in the habit of blowing smoke up anyone’s arse.

Typical hit and miss / kill me now issues reared their cheeky faces via the 55K degree heat emanated by 1800 guests, and incessant noise coming from the imprudently loquacious nobs who exited prematurely opening and closing doors as if they were simultaneously creating UGC for a WD40 advert.  Feedback from a few start ups I just met stepping off the hot seat described the disconnect between panel expectation and their pre-coached preparations as alarming. As @Topherolson always states: #youcantwinthemall

On a better note, demo’s were inspiring, panel brought perspective, and best of all, I was able to see my friends/colleagues present the backdrop of their coveted ideas, come reality.

Needless to say, after the charade of meet and greets, curious small talks, etc, etc, my mind’s thoughts were restlessly vamping faster than LaunchPad LA/Matt Cooper’s geek’ed up Addroid Demo.  *To be certain, a much needed pick me up for the seemingly waning mood of the crowd.  #pointCoop

I suppose what I mean to get at is there was this watershed moment of sorts, where those in the crowd representing Accelerators were asked to stand and be seen.  Apart from my ridiculous retaliation to the infamous all-eyes-on-you syndrome, there was a slight part of me that felt inclined to stand.  However, as I looked to my right I saw a few colleagues sit happily neither seen nor heard, and to my left, my favourite boss, lacking any peripheral vision super powers, stand up with ease, unaware of my plight.

Not sure why I needed a wink or a nod from Solly at that moment to be recognised, though a well timed kick on my chair from a fellow Amplify.la mentor sitting in vicinity did help answer my own question… And here it is:

What I’ve learnt most in the past fortnight, is there’s a new school of thought to be reckoned with in this face paced Technology movement.  My peers and I would use hipster slang such as: ‘Shut the Hell Up and Do.’  A topic I touched on over the summer whilst I worked as a useless freelancer.  Paradoxically, my mentor of choice would take a more mature approach and drop a sexy idiom like don’t ’tilt your windmills.’   Nothing says #duhstupid like a Don Quixote reference.

So enough already I say… As much as human nature naturally encourages me to #wow the hell out of those associated with me @amplify, bosses included, and talk the talk every day of the week and twice on Sundays…  I’m over it.

Flipping the tables I happily state, though talk is cheap, there are pros to living in a state of perpetual recession and saving your dollar bills / big’ed up stories about yourself.  Feeling sheepish yet?

I’m gonna #dropthemic and exit on this note: my heads down, lips sealed, mindset focused and here to crank out massive moves whilst simultaneously circumventing any ‘Tilt-age of Windmills.’



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