Know Your Key Players

So here’s the thing.

It’s simple maths really…Having just left the card tables, I find it necessary to keep with my poker idioms, metaphors, similes, etc. – or perhaps I’m pulling some sick formed slight of hand in order to really muddle the waters and secretly write about what’s got my knickers in a twist.

I digress.

You have a team, and within this team you have the go to guy, you have head down/focused mother crunchers who don’t say much but knock their shit out of the water, you have an array of BS in-between, … and, if you’re lucky, you have key players.  #KB. Well, maybe Kobe and other Christ-like figures should be left out of this story.

Either way, I’m convinced that no matter how many articles, case studies, or full out companies prove the “emphasis on employees’ happiness” model is working… we hit and miss.

In times of late, I’ve been privy to too many close friends happily picking up their own cardboard box and facing the eye of the double dip recession grinning like a kid in a comic shop.  Or, the somewhat ironically moronic, over-achieving go-getters are secretly stewing, definitely questioning…#seriously?

These kids are better described as those few/far between/non-existant people that would have given their right nut/first born to the seemingly typhlotic heads of the company, without hesitation.  And in some sick world, we continue to overlook, mis-judge, and spit in the eye of this rare breed of worker.


Having the privilege to knock elbows with a larger number of companies under one roof of an Accelerator, a la, I see all the personality types; not to mention, the tangible ability to have your peers’ personage easily and correctly assessed via the brilliant minds of Tidepool. *take the test*

In short-ish, I basically understand that I’m surrounded by the cream of the crop.

That all being sussed out, sans any actual poker metaphor, #oops, I just can’t help but ask individual companies large and small, near and far,  ‘Do you know your key players?’  Further yet, ‘What are you doing to ensure they’re recognised, challenged, trusted, and, the be all end all, #happy?’




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