Tempest in a Teapot

I have a new favourite fascination.  Catalysts.

I think what I appreciate most about this Synergist of synergies is that it bears all vines.  The variance involved in a typical day where catalysts rear their ugly/beautiful heads is worse than any all-in, pre-flop hand of PL Omaha.

As mentioned in my declaration and intent of this blog’s purpose, I’ve recently been invited into the Accelerator community – a world where identifying a catalyst at its’ inception and manoeuvring it to work toward your benefit is critical.  Even still, the art of strategically serving as one, under the ‘less is more initiative,’ is an art form to be reckoned with.

I do believe my interest in dwelling on stimuli and their coddling consorts is in direct correlation to the building of an ecosystem; a challenge I willingly accepted with the better parts/founders of Amplify.la. Before my eyes, I see one of the greatest movements initiated in Los Angeles, a town I am openly unmoved by on the whole, yet, recent events have my ears perked / sleeves rolled up…opportunity is abreast and my wheels are turning. #gunsblazing

But I must stop myself short and look to ordering a large plate of restraint with a side of clarity.

The question at hand is: Are the many accelerators living in arms reach of each other in West LA engaged in some sick competition, or are we better off defining ourselves as intricate cogs in a master machine which could stand to make a better difference as an epic entity?  I’m torn to be fair.

Which ever side of the fence you straddle, I can say that engagement and relevance seem to be top of mind in this race toward building out and owning #firstin rights to a saturated market.  Further to this, I find the usual suspects and recurring, malfunctioned, manufactured catalysts that have since defined Silicon Beach – bore me to bits.  Differentiation becomes dire and I’m 5 steps ahead of this lot.  *stepsoffpedestal*

Major point being, I don’t think it’s about holding hands and singing ‘We are Silicon Beach, hear us roar…’ to a Kumbyah drum beat… nor is it an uncommunicative, decentralised Allies vs Axis Powers armed conflict.  I do think it’s an opportunity to differentiate, re-position and define what moves us as individuals.  The space is open to verticalize to your heart’s content or simply set a new precedent in a realm begging for individuality and perspective.

Which brings me back to the exordium of this long winded diatribe and my curiosity with catalysts.  It’s only been a month and I’m happy to admit I’ve been bogged down by a number of negative catalysts in the scene, but live/learn and, #hark, we’re back in the game.  To that end, I’ve personally spoken to a few movers and shakers that I find to be the most healthy motivations in the industry…kids that I find relevant whilst keeping me engaged, tout le temps.  
Jokingly I’ve labeled this dynamic duo, coupled with a few of my favourite portfolio companies, the new #ratpack and I’m hoping the momentum doesn’t stop here.  Plans of action are in the diary, positive energy is afoot, and once again, I find myself well excited to sit at the forefront of making my mark in this uncalculable technological ecosystem.

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