Slow, Children at Play

Yesterday, I sat down with 4 students from CalTech who wanted to get the low down on  As in many situations in my corporate career, I recall wishing my old man had morphed into a fly that sat silent and, course, in awe, on the wall.  0.o

I’ve been pondering a lot about age lately – well; the perception on age, plus maturity, attitude, mindset, et al.

If you were to walk into the cornered conference room by chance with merely your judgement cap on, you would have thought I was interviewing to join a University debate club or the like.  Here sat 4 ‘young adults,’ smartly dressed and all lined up on one side of the table, whilst me and my ubiquitous cap and new found dexterous disposition #thankyouredbull, enjoyed a game of verbal ping pong.

I recall their faces and could see the excitement welling up as I answered each of their Business 101, even more so, seemingly cautious questions with a non-pedestrian, definitely unexpected, retort.  As I carried on, I sensed their interest and discomposure rising.  The momentum in the room made me proud.

Propulsion is a funny one though.

Just downstairs, ions away from this excitement in its’ most basic form, there was a whole new breed of young adults running amuck…And this begs the question:  To what end?

As I sit on the side of Big Brother aka, the Accelerator, but identify grossly in mindset, mentality, and digital make up of my fellow friends who embody with ease, the scattered start up, I can’t help but #cryuncle and prudently press the PAUSE button.

Anyone mixed up in the flash of light that is a day in the life of Silicon Beach knows what I am getting at.

Is #ALL the adrenaline needed to ensure we as start ups and the leading minds of our generation don’t miss our inherent rites of passage?  Or, would it kill us to simmer the hell down, regroup, re-org, and re-define what our short, mid and long term goals are?

Here’s my two pence… #chillthefuckout.  If you want to own your space, you better have all your dots to I’s and crosses to T’s sorted.  Because like Solly so keenly covered in his last rant, the stakes and saturation are high and the sea of shit is restless and only ramping.




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One response to “Slow, Children at Play

  • David Martinez

    That’s when I get in touch with Obiwan and think of trying Xanax. I can get pretty pumped, as on some level I believe if I am not amped (amplified?) enough – I might miss my right of passage into the world of Porsches and beach houses (while bringing massive value to some large audience).

    Is that too much to dream about?!? Nope. Sorry wife unit. I will have bursts of undeniable enthusiasm for some of my business ideas.

    David Martinez is working on #chillingthefuckout. Oh oh, just wrote about myself in 3rd person. Now I’m in real trouble.

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