I’ve played a lot of cards in my life.  Literally, yes, but now I happily speak in the figurative.

Those of you who know me on a level only just past the surface will have noticed another pivot in my life’s seemingly masochistic road map.  Whilst those who know my real name, witnessed a simple U-Turn of significant importance.

Either way, at the poker table, or in any new situation, one must play their cards accordingly.

This past month, I’ve played the Sponge card.  Blatantly, I’ve taken liberties, perhaps even let my personality play into the game; point being, I’ve sat here, mainly quiet, soaking in and digesting an infinite abyss of politics, ego, intelligence, jealousy, success, fear, selfishness, stupidity, ballziness, d) all of the above, and now, I have… #perspective.

Admittedly, perspective was a superpower I let fade into oblivion nearly a year and a half ago.  Should you wish to dig deeper into that nebulous teaser, buy me a #pwp (post work pint) and I’ll spill some beans that won’t disappoint.

For now, I transition toward a new state of mind…strike that, world, that may or may not have room for someone of my dichotomous DNA. #timewilltell

Truth be told, I fancy(-ied) myself quite the creative and jumped corporate ship in ’10, only to find myself rambling aimlessly, staunchly stagnant.

Back to the happy present day, I find myself in the safe haven of all things digital; a space I’ve known all too well, but ‘judge/book/cover’ appearances would fool otherwise…

Jumping back into the literal, I will confirm that I now work with one of the top Accelerators in the highly publicised Silicon Beach movement.  There is no shortage of all emotion, inspiration, learning curve, or nerves on a daily basis, but even more scarce is time – a commodity worth as much as @sollytweet’s business cards, so I shan’t digress any longer.

Here comes the #liftpitch:

This blog is meant to put a new spin on my daily digestion of this fast paced entrepreneurial world, the trials and tribulations of start ups and accelerators, LA’s juxtaposition with silicon & beaches – in a whole new light, #thereisagod, and most importantly for me, the positive side of working next to those who wake up every morning with the sole intention of hashtagging the best possible version of themselves.



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